Babcock International Group

The Avincis Group (now the Babcock International Group) is the world's leading provider of aerial services for mission-critical operations such as medical emergency, civil protection, search and rescue, coast and city surveillance, fire fighting and energy support services.

Pulling survivors from the ocean in an air-sea rescue. Fighting a wildfire from the air. Keeping a rig 100 miles off the coast supplied and manned. Running a 24-hour air ambulance service. Protecting a vulnerable fishery. Watching over our cities. These are just some examples of the work Avincis’ 3,000 strong global team carries out every day at Australian Helicopters, BOND, INAER and SAA.

Tech OP’s clear communication and in depth knowledge were key in ensuring that Avincis’ IT department were not only able to successfully satisfy the business requirement, but also do so extremely efficiently and cost effectively

Communicating, Collaborating & Information Sharing

After the acquisition of the Bond Aviation Group in 2011, the Avincis Group was formed. Consisting of the companies listed above, totaling almost 3,000 staff across the globe, the newly formed group required an efficient method of communicating, collaborating and information sharing. It quickly became clear to Avincis that after discussion with Tech OP, they would play a vital role in the consultation and planning of a solution to this problem.

Large Office 365 Transition

Tech OP were engaged to act as project management consultants to oversee the design and implementation of a large Office 365 transition project. The brief given was to migrate the Avincis head office, followed by each operating company, from their independent legacy Exchange environments installed at each business location across Europe and Australasia. The solution needed to be capable of moving and hosting 3000 users from around the globe. On completion, every Avincis company would be successfully communicating and collaborating using a single Office 365 platform and single Active Directory Environment, allowing IT departments to control and manage the security, capacity and growth of the 3000 user global network reliably and efficiently. Tech OP were also chosen to become part of the group IT support team, managing the full IT support and ticketing environment globally, controlled from the UK and Spain, and for the ongoing support of the Avincis cloud solution and IT infrastructure.

Working with several partners, a Windows Azure cloud Active Directory was created for the new environment, connected by dedicated MPLS circuits linked to the Azure datacentre. Each operating company was connected to the new environment using a Microsoft Active Directory trust and this in turn connected to a newly created Office 365 tenancy using Microsoft Active Directory federated services.

By implementing this strategy, Tech OP were able to connect each business Exchange environment to the Office 365 tenancy and move mailboxes seamlessly between the separate legacy Exchange services into Office 365 and back again with zero impact to the users.

The Avincis London Head office was successfully transitioned from Exchange servers in the UK and Spain without affecting any of the senior executive team and Outlook clients and smartphones automatically redirected to the new mail location once the mailboxes were moved.

The outcome, a centralised Office 365 collaboration platform available to up to 3,000 staff globally, able to look up contacts, share documents and email, with full Lync video conferencing and a staged migration from each business legacy mail environment into a cloud solution with zero downtime.

Highly Efficient & Effective Solution

Tech OP’s clear communication and in depth knowledge were key in ensuring that Avincis’ IT department was not only able to successfully satisfy the business requirement, but also do so extremely efficiently and cost effectively. By using Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Avincis were able to pay for “just the services they require”, with the added advantage of a solution including full datacentre redundancy and availability. Avincis achieved a highly efficient and effective solution successfully implemented with help and advice from Tech OP’s highly experienced and expert team of engineers.

Tech OP have proven to be a valuable resource, giving us the confidence to make the right decisions in planning and implementing our large scale deployments. Their knowledge of the latest cloud solutions has proven invaluable. Finance Director, Avincis

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