Proactive managed support

At Tech OP, we believe in a fresh and integrated approach to IT, not only being there to react to problems and requests, but also to understand your business and its needs and to build solutions that focus on its development and growth. Did you know that fully outsourcing your IT to the right partner can both give you a competitive edge and allow you to achieve your business objectives?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you should be looking for a new IT support partner:

  • You are suffering through poor response times from your partner when a problem arises
  • Your partner doesn’t have the resources to come to talk to you about your developing needs
  • Your partner is not being pro-active in identifying problems and not being innovative in supporting your business strategy

How do we work better?

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    Prevention is better than cure!

    By monitoring your IT solutions in our 24/7 helpdesk we intercept issues before they happen, avoiding downtime caused by crashes or failures. The effect is simple. Fewer issues mean more resilience from your IT and increased productivity for your business.

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    Time to nurture!

    If we’re not spending time reacting to problems and fixing issues, we’ll have more time to provide you with extra care and attention. Once we are monitoring everything and preventing any problems, we will be free to maintain, patch and keep your IT system operating at its optimum, increasing its lifespan and performance and allowing it to support the demands of your business. And all this happens without affecting the running of your business.

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    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…

    Our advanced monitoring tools watched over by expert engineers will be keeping your system in fine fettle, but we won’t stop there. Most importantly of all we build a close and personal relationship with you. We spend as much time as needed to understand your business and then build a comprehensive roadmap to ensure you are always using the best, most reliable and cost effective technologies available.

    Whether it is license compliance, demands on hardware or embracing cloud and service technologies, we will monitor, administer and document your entire IT lifecycle and work with you or your project teams to forecast and plan for future growth and demand. We ensure you invest wisely and creatively and only when you need it rather than, like some IT support companies, when there’s an opportunity to sell another server, or more storage. Our approach empowers us to work with you to develop your IT in line with your budget and growth, in a controlled and managed way.

Our 3 core principals make us more than an IT support company. We see ourselves as an extension of your business committed to its success and growth by ensuring the technology that you depend on at the core of your business is reliable, protected and working for the success of your business. After all, if we can help to make you a success, it helps us succeed with you!

Why proactive managed IT support?

  • Automated monitoring. We use advanced passive and active monitoring agents to ensure we can see every server, PC, switch and router at all times. Every piece of equipment is monitored and protected in our monitoring solution alerting us to any issues before they become a problem, whether it’s a pending failure, capacity alert, security breach or more.
  • Unlimited support. Our helpdesk is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help solve any IT problems that may arise – ensuring you and your employees can carry on working. We also deal with any changes or requests you may have, such as setting up new mailboxes or users.
  • Intelligent support. Our helpdesk learns about trends or patterns in the support provided to you to highlight if there are repeating problems or requests. By monitoring trends we will work to avoid recurring issues. We will also share knowledge, to ensure users become more productive.
  • Regular Site Visits. Included within our support package will be regular visits to site, to ensure that our finger is always on the pulse and that we are working closely and communicating with you.
  • Technology consulting. You can take advantage of expert knowledge and advice in order to plan out your IT solutions to best suit your business needs.
  • A dedicated relationship manager – who will work with you from a strategic standpoint to plan your infrastructure and potential projects, ensuring your technology is aligned with your business objectives.
  • Your relationship manager will work with you to improve productivity in your organisation, and allow you to achieve greater revenue through improved technology solutions.
  • Your relationship manager will also work with you to devise an IT roadmap and a three year technology budget. Future upgrades and projected growth are accounted for – giving you a clear picture of future costs so you know what to expect.

Supporting your business growth

Companies have to innovate and adapt in order to prosper in the modern business environment. IT is an increasingly important part of the mix of skills and technologies required to attract new customers, to react quickly to your existing customers' needs and to streamline your operational processes.

As your trusted technology partner Tech OP will support your strategic planning with expert technology consulting and will back up your business change initiatives with tailored IT solutions.

Tech OP will assign a dedicated business relationship manager to work with you and understand your business. He will draft an action plan to ensure that you’re getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ from your existing IT systems and a roadmap for introducing new technologies to support your business growth.

What are the benefits of proactive monitoring and maintenance?

  • All patches and security updates are proactively installed (in the background without affecting you), virus scans carried out, and a range of other things are monitored – such as memory usage and hardware strain. If anything goes wrong, your IT support company should know about it before you do.
  • We use the latest remote monitoring and maintenance software – so if your computer so much as sneezes, we’ll know about it. Ultimately, this reduces the risk to your business as you are much less likely to be affected by downtime – which can be costly from both a productivity and a revenue perspective.
  • Regular reports of all our proactive actions give you a high level overview of maintenance carried out.

Rapid response

To meet your business needs, Tech OP offers a range of guaranteed response times that are incorporated into our service level agreements. Sophisticated cloud services and remote monitoring tools allow us to fix 80% of reported problems without requiring a visit to the customer site.