Information Security

With the rise in ransomware attacks and other data breaches keeping information secure is becoming increasingly important. The new General Data Protection (GDPR) regulations place more responsibilities onto companies to protect their data and their client’s data.

Tech OP’s own information security processes are certified to the ISO 27001 standard and we can help you to implement best practice information security policies for your organization.

Data Security Policy

Before making any recommendations Tech OP will audit your existing systems and work with you to write an IT security policy. The policy will address areas such as:

  • What types of data are held by your organisation?
  • Who needs to be able to access that data?
  • Where will the data be held?
  • Risk management plan – what is the risk of different data types being compromised and how will the risks be mitigated?

Once the data security policy has been written, Tech OP will make recommendations based on the type of network architecture you are running and help you configure your existing systems and install new systems to ensure that the policies are effectively implemented.

Access Permissions

Tech OP will help you set up standard access profiles for the different roles within your organisation controlling what data they can access through Windows and what data they can access through web portals and applications. We can also help establish policies controlling whether data can be downloaded and saved on a local computer or copied to a storage device such as a USB memory stick.

Data Encryption

If you hold confidential data about your customers in a central database then Tech OP will help you to encrypt that database. Even if your systems are compromised and an unauthorised user manages to take a copy of the database file they won’t be able to extract confidential data without the encryption key. Tech OP can also setup encryption schemes for data stored on any laptop PCs used by your employees to ensure that confidential information cannot be accessed if the device is lost or stolen.

AV and Email Spam Filtering

Tech OP provide either a standalone antivirus solution, or whenever possible offer a fully managed antivirus solution. We will setup anti-virus and email spam filtering solutions to suit your network configuration.

Fully managed antivirus

Tech OP can provide not only a desktop antivirus product, but a fully managed and integrated solution that communicates back to our service desk 24 hours a day. Any alert, detection, scan or issue can be monitored and controlled either as part of our support services, or as a standalone product, enabling us to leave nothing to chance. We know if your antivirus isn’t updating and unlike solutions installed by most IT companies, we can monitor and make sure that for every pc or server, the software is current and up to date every day of the year, not just the day its sold. All this extra service comes at a cost not dissimilar to the traditional desktop antivirus costs.

For those still wanting their desktop antivirus product, Tech OP engineers have many years of experience using the ESET and Bitdefender anti-virus protection range of products. Our solutions can be installed and managed centrally from your network, controlling detections and updates from your server or directly from the internet. Our extensive research ensures we only of the best, most robust solutions for your network.

Universal Threat Management Systems

You may have noticed that spam emails increasingly entice you to open a file or click on a link. They are attempting to get you to install spyware that can harvest data from your PC or allow a hacker to send emails from your PC. These spyware systems are forever evolving and are not detected by traditional firewall systems.

The new generation of Universal Threat Management systems (UTMs) will monitor all internet traffic coming into and going out of your network and look for the signature profiles that indicate that spyware is active. These UTM systems will help you to isolate and remove spyware and generate reports on all suspicious activity and attempts to hack into your systems.

As a certified Sophos partner, Tech OP recommends, installs and configures Sophos security solutions – such as UTM systems - to suit your network configuration.

See more on the Sophos showcase page.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the big advantages of using the new generation cloud services such as Microsoft Azure is that your data will be automatically backed up to several physically remote data centres. This means that your cloud systems can continue to work seamlessly if there is a disaster at one of your sites or at one of the Microsoft data centres. Most companies however still have onsite legacy systems that need a backup and recovery strategy.

Whatever network configurations you are using, Tech OP can help with setting up redundant systems, onsite removable disk back systems and cloud backup services. Tech OP will also help you with setting up ‘bare metal recovery’ schemes and will compile IT systems inventories, registers and recovery plans that will help you to move your operations to a new location in the event of a disaster situation. Have a look at our Case Studies to see how we are best placed to put such ideas into action.

Data Recovery Specialists

Backup and recovery plans need to be tested regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date and that data and operational processes can be re-instated. Unfortunately Tech OP is regularly contacted to try to recover data in scenarios where an organisation discovers that their backup procedures are inadequate. We are often successful in salvaging data from incomplete backups and have gained new customers as a result.

Don’t trust to luck. Contact us now to find out how to get solid plans and backup systems put into place.