Bespoke Software Solutions

Tech OP specialises in developing applications to support business processes. We have particular expertise in the government outsourcing sector. We have developed web and mobile logistics applications to support government contracts run by Capita, Mitie, G4S, Reliance in the UK and by Broadspectrum in Australia.

Our software solutions will:

  • Track requests received from the contract client
  • Schedule the resources to undertake the jobs
  • Track key event times for jobs
  • Record status outcomes
  • Generate detailed invoice reports
  • Generate reports showing performance against KPIs and service level agreements

Our solutions ensure that our customers meet their contract obligations in the most cost effective manner possible and ensure best value for UK tax payers.

Justice Sector

Tech OP has over 15 years' experience in developing software solutions to support contracts being run by outsourcing specialists for the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and the UK Borders Agency.

We have developed bespoke web applications and reporting systems to support the following types of contracts in the justice sector:

  • Escorting prisoners to court hearings and providing escort staff at courts
  • Escorting detainees to immigration removal centres and providing escort staff at airports and hearing centres
  • Escorting youth offenders
  • Facilities management services at courts and facilities owned by the Ministry of Justice
  • Magistrates court warrant enforcement
  • Transport logistics for forensic evidence being sent to laboratories
  • Message routing and reporting for offender tagging contracts
  • Forensic medical services call centre system

Mobile Applications

Tech OP has over 15 years' experience in developing mobile applications initially using the Microsoft Windows mobile platform and more recently using HTML5 hybrid application and Xamarin technology on Apple and Android mobile tablets and Smart phones.

The HTML5 hybrid application and Xamarin technologies allows a mobile application to be developed that can be easily ported from one mobile device to another and is not tied into a proprietary technology such as the Apple iOS operating system or Google's Android operating system.

ISO 27001 Information Security Accreditation


Tech OP's processes for software development, web application hosting and handling customer information are certified to the ISO 27001 quality assurance standard for information security. This assures that Tech OP undertakes detailed risk analysis planning when developing new systems and that we maintain detailed records and documentation on our projects. Tech OP is continually updating policies and procedures to ensure that we make use of new technologies and protect against new threats in the fast changing IT world.

Case Studies

Capita Tascor - UKBA Escorting Contract


Tech OP designed and implemented a logistics planning system to support the contract run by Capita Tascor with the UK Borders Agency for escorting detainees. The system uses a dynamic scheduling engine to allocate movement jobs to the most appropriate vehicle crews.

The system supports mobile devices for communicating work instructions to vehicle crews and for capturing details of times of collections and deliveries and details of welfare transactions. The system has been CHECK tested and approved by the Home Office for use in a restricted Impact Level 3 environment.

Reliance Secure Task Management - Prisoner Escorting Contracts


Tech OP designed and implemented logistics planning systems to support prisoner escort contracts operated by Reliance STMS in the South West of England and in Scotland.

The systems supported centralised planning facilities and web terminals in courts to show details of expected arrivals and web terminals in vehicle bases to print route plans for vehicle crews. The system also generated MI reports to support the customer requirements for SLA reporting and invoice reporting.

Tech OP helped us to meet Home Office targets for detailed service level reporting on our custodial service contracts. IT Manager, Reliance STM

Capita Tascor - Forensic Medical Examinations Call Centre


Tech OP developed a call centre application for Reliance Medical Services to support a number of contracts to provide forensic medical examination services to police forces. The application is used to records details of requests for service and the doctor or nurse who completed the examination.

The application generates reports on contract service level compliance and supports different SLAs for different contracts. This operation has now been taken over by Capita Tascor and the application is still supported and maintained by Tech OP.

AchieveLive - Supporting Vocational Learning and Apprenticeships


Tech OP has developed the AchieveLive ePortfolio and assessment system for vocational qualifications. The system supports collaboration between:

  • Learners
  • Assessors
  • Training providers
  • Employers
  • External moderators
  • Qualification awarding bodies

The AchieveLive system saves administration costs and travelling time for all parties involved in vocational learning and apprenticeships.

ResourcingNET - Training Effectiveness Surveys


ResourcingNET has a web survey system which measures trends across successive surveys. The system is used by training companies to measure the improvement in attitudes or performance that is achieved by delivering a training intervention program to a group of individuals. The system supports mobile phone surveys and helps the training companies to justify the cost of their training programs to their customers.